Equity vs. Hard Money Loan…How to Decide Which is Best For You

Hard money and equity loans share a lot of similarities. They are both asset-based loans, meaning that they are backed by the value of the real estate property rather than the borrower’s credentials. Both loans are from non-traditional lenders instead of banks or national lenders. The biggest difference between hard money loans and private loans is […]

Being a Landlord is Back in Vogue!

Ever since the housing crash of 2008 it has been very difficult for real estate investors to get a loan on rental properties. Many investors lost their properties to foreclosure as a result of the crash and have been working to re-establish credit. Many other investors have been left with very few options to buy […]

All You Need to Know About Investment Property Loans

Investment property loans, also known as hard money loans or bridge loans, finance home renovation projects for fix and flip properties. The loan is used to repair the property so it can be resold or rented out to a new owner. Hard money loans are generally used for short-term projects and not intended for primary […]