Investors Push Into a Resurging Market: House Flipping

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The Great Recession of 2008 negatively impacted many industries. House flipping declined significantly but is back on the rise thanks to low interest rates and increasing home prices. In 2016, 5.7 percent of all home sales were flips; this is the highest number since 2006. Even Wall Street has taken notice of the increase in […]

Equity vs. Hard Money Loan…How to Decide Which is Best For You

Hard money and equity loans share a lot of similarities. They are both asset-based loans, meaning that they are backed by the value of the real estate property rather than the borrower’s credentials. Both loans are from non-traditional lenders instead of banks or national lenders. The biggest difference between hard money loans and private loans […]

The Most Common Mistakes Made When Submitting a Hard Money Loan

One of the great features about hard money is that you can get your funding right away. This allows you to be competitive in the real estate market. However, if you find yourself making mistakes in the submission process, you can end up delaying your funds and missing out on great properties. Let’s tackle some […]

3 Ways to Find Hard Money Lenders

Hard money lenders are private lenders. They tend to care more about the deal on the table rather than your credit score. While your credit rating may not be a significant factor, your track history is. Hard money lenders want to know that their investment will be returned as promised. As lenders get to know […]

How to Spot a Loan Scam

Hard money loans may be the answer to remaining competitive in the real estate investment industry. These personal loans are fast and flexible. You can get the cash you need to purchase an investment property without having to jump through the hoops of a traditional bank loan. Unfortunately, loan scams do exist, and many people […]

Do I Really Need Commercial Hard Money Lenders When There Are Traditional Loans?

If you plan on buying a commercial investment property, your first inclination may be to finance your purchase through a traditional loan. It’s not unusual for newer investors to consider a standard loan because it’s what they are familiar with. However, owning real estate is different from owning a home, and investors can usually benefit […]

Why Have Fix and Flip Loans Become So Popular?


Flipping houses is at its highest level since 2006, says a Trulia study. Part of the hype comes from house flipping TV shows that make the work appear attractive. Even the celebrities are doing it! People want to give the experience a try and see what type of money they can make. Flipping houses is […]

3 Questions to Ask Residential Hard Money Lenders Before Finalizing the Deal

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We all get excited over certain opportunities, and a good real estate investment is no exception. Hard money lenders know that timing is everything in this market, so they are willing and capable of working fast. However, there’s no substitute for careful research and sound judgement before finalizing a deal. The last thing you want […]

Top 4 Reasons You Should Rely on Hard Money Lenders for Real Estate Loans

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Finding a trustworthy and reliable financing solution when purchasing investment property can be difficult. Most conventional lenders have strict criteria that you have to meet, and underwriters take their time approving the loan. Even if the loan is approved, it’s often for less than originally requested. Also, if you don’t have a near-perfect credit score, […]

The Beginners Guide to Real Estate Investing

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If you’re just starting out in the world of real estate, you’ll discover that there is plenty to learn. Unlike investing in stock, real estate has financial and legal implications to consider. However, as you begin to make smart decisions about the real estate you invest in, you’ll become more comfortable in the process. Some […]