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North Carolina

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North Carolina is the ninth most populous state and the 6th most visited state in the US. North Carolina’s economy is the 10th largest in the country and is counted among the top 30 economies in the world.

North Carolina offers endless opportunities for investment in fixing and flipping homes. Charlotte, the largest city in the state, and Raleigh, the capital, are both house flippers’ delights. Today, these cities are great sellers’ markets.

Why North Carolina is Exciting for Homeowners
This southeastern US state is rich in almost everything, from culture to cuisine. In the east, the state boasts sandy beaches, while to the west lie the Blue Ridge Mountains. This is where thousands of people come each year to hike to Whitewater Falls, the highest waterfall on the entire east coast, or trek across the Mike High Swinging Bridge or explore the vast Uwharrie National Forest. In addition, the state is also known for its diverse culture, which is represented in its music, craft festivals, and folk art.
In North Carolina, one can never fall short of job opportunities. Research Triangle Park, which received its name from the three major research universities in the cities of Durham, Raleigh and Chapel Hill, houses more than 180 companies, including giants like Cisco, Syngenta and more.

If you want to experience a real barbeque, this is the place to be, and with the rising tide of popularity of local breweries, North Carolina has one of the fastest growing craft beer scenes.

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