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017 was a highly promising year for home flipping, with 207,088 single family homes and condos being flipped through the year in the US, representing an increase of 1% over the 2016 levels. Home flips reached an 11-year high since 2006.

At 52.8%, Massachusetts had the highest percentage of completed flips purchased via financing in 2017. In addition, 4,856 single family homes were sold in the area in May 2018 alone.

Why Massachusetts is Exciting for Homeowners
Massachusetts is an amazing place to live. With a steady unemployment rate of 6%, Massachusetts has seen much lower unemployment than its neighbors, New York and Connecticut. In fact, the state has witnessed a huge addition of jobs in the financial services, transportation, utilities, and construction sectors in recent years.

This Bay State also offers opportunities for enthusiasts of almost every sport, from hockey to lacrosse, soccer, and even the drum corps. This is the state where you’ll find a large number of college, professional, and amateur sports clubs.

For nature lovers, the Berkshire Mountains are located just a short drive out to the west of Massachusetts. Other than its picturesque views, this region offers great opportunities for hiking and camping too.

If you are a beer lover, there is no better place to live in than Massachusetts. This US state boasts its own roster of the best beer makers. However, it is the New England craft beer that you cannot afford to miss.

In May 2004, the Supreme Court of Massachusetts legalized same sex marriage, becoming the first state to do so in the country. This added to the desirability of the state, showing that is welcoming to all who choose to come and live within its borders.

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