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Georgia is the 8th most populous and 24th largest state in America. The state boasts spectacular architecture associated with the Civil War, is the original and current home of Coca-Cola, and is world famous for their peaches along with our 39th President, Jimmy Carter.

The weather in Georgia is mostly warm, which offers the perfect climate to explore the many beaches and other attractive sites in the state. Housing costs and the overall cost of living in Georgia is less than the national average. Due to the higher affordability, residents of Georgia can also ensure higher savings, compared to other states in the country.

Why Georgia is Exciting for Homeowners
Georgia offers tons of job opportunities to, being home to eighteen Fortune 500 companies. The state also is home to various industries related to mining and textiles.

Atlanta, the capital of Georgia, has been rated at the nation’s leader in home-flipping. Atlanta was ranked 8th in Georgia in terms of home sales, with house flips accounting for around 8% of the total sales in 2016, the highest in a decade.

Georgia boasts plenty of great public and private schools, including Georgia Institute of Technology, the University of Georgia, and the highly esteemed Emory College. Additionally, it is home to the NFL’s Falcons, MLB’s Braves, and NBA’s Hawks. Georgia also has it all covered for college sports and professional teams.

Visiting the rest of the world from Georgia is also quite an easy task, thanks to the international airport in Atlanta, which happens to be the busiest airport in the world. In 2016, more than 100 million passengers passed through this airport.

Georgia definitely is a promising state for real estate investors. If you are interested in knowing more about fixing and flipping properties in Georgia, the nation’s leader in this area, please contact us so we can lead you on the path to success.