5 Benefits of Hard Money Lending


5 Benefits Hard Money Lending

Loans are essential to the world we live in today. If we lived in a world where a person is unable to go above his or her own financial means, businesses and properties would be abandoned. When it comes to real-estate loans, not everybody gets approved by a bank due to the many restrictions in place to prevent loaning to people seen as unfit. Hard money lending is here to help. From short-term loans to taking a chance on a risky realty endeavor, the benefits of hard money lending are clear.

Quick Approvals and Funding

When dealing with a bank, there is a lack of intimacy and urgency between the lender and borrower. Hard money lenders are funded by private investors as opposed to a conventional bank. Rather than dealing with specific procedures and guidelines (that take time), you negotiate funds with one goal in mind: to get a deal done as efficiently as possible.   

Adjustable Payments

Financial institutions across the country use agreed upon payment structures that were created as a standard. These plans may not accommodate every unique individual loan request, forcing borrowers to adjust their needs. Recognizing this problem, hard money lenders decided to find a way to create more inclusive plans.   

Risk Takers

Lenders must believe in the cause for a loan in order to allow it to go through. Borrowers must convince the giver of the loan that not only will it be repaid, but it will be put to good use. Loaning money based on a description and trust leaves the lender in a position of risk. However, if they are unwilling to take this risk, thousands of people would be unable to accomplish their property needs.

Fewer Requirements

The first step in getting a loan from any type of lender is checking to see if you are eligible according to their standards. Banks turn away numerous loans based on strict criteria, and are not looking to become more lenient in the future. Hard money loans are privatized, so there are significantly less requirements to obtain a loan.

Don’t Have The Best Credit History?  We’ll Work With You.

One of the biggest factors when it comes to obtaining a loan is how good your credit score is. The ability to pay back is extremely important to banks, but when it comes to hard money loans, lenders are much more flexible. Although credit is taken into account, you won’t be penalized for past mistakes.  Lenders address your current proposal and are willing to take a risk.

Go Hard

When it comes to getting a loan, banks only want you to abide by their standards, they are not interested in taking a risk on you. Hard money lending is the easiest, most transparent way to obtain the money you need. Go against the grain, step away from the bank, and go hard!