Wondering how you can gain from real estate investing? Experienced real estate professionals consider fix-and-flip strategy the best way to invest in the real estate industry. Yes, this strategy can be highly lucrative, provided one relies on a lot of decision making, but this also requires an experienced partner.

First Equity Funding can be your most trusted fix-and-flip partner for properties located in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C, and Florida. Incorporated in 2009, we have a team of highly experienced professionals who have lent their skills to hundreds of real estate investors looking to buy, fix-up, and sell residential and commercial properties in these regions.

A Comprehensive Approach

We, at First Equity Funding, have a holistic approach and go a long way to ensure that real estate investors feel supported through their entire journey. The areas we assist in are as follows:

  • Identifying Properties: This is the most crucial step in the fix-and-flip approach. Our extensive knowledge allows us to promptly identify the most investable properties that have great potential.
  • Arranging Funds: Years of experience in mortgage lending allows our team to have deals analyzed and approved swiftly. Time is of essence in fix-and-flip, and fast approvals play a key role in realizing attractive returns.
  • Project Plan and Timeline: Our consultants help create a realistic and effective plan for fixing-up the property. This plays a vital role in arranging adequate funds and for an appropriate timeframe. Our team also keeps track of project’s progress, such that work is completed within the timeline.

Regions We Specialize In

We have extensive experience in the highly attractive real estate markets of:
From the initial consultation process, to assisting with project funding and providing advice for maximum financial advantages, we are your partner the whole time. Contact us TODAY to get started.

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