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3 Questions to Ask Residential Hard Money Lenders Before Finalizing the Deal

We all get excited over certain opportunities, and a good real estate investment is no exception. Hard money lenders know that timing is everything in this market, so they are willing and capable of working fast. However, there’s no substitute for careful research and sound judgement before finalizing a deal …
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Top 4 Reasons You Should Rely on Hard Money Lenders for Real Estate Loans

Finding a trustworthy and reliable financing solution when purchasing investment property can be difficult. Most conventional lenders have strict criteria that you have to meet, and underwriters take their time approving the loan. Even if the loan is approved, it’s often for less than originally requested. Also, if you don’t …
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Which Renovations Will Pay Off When I Sell My House?

It’s well-known that the two rooms that really sell a home are the kitchen and master bath. It’s wise to put your dollars here if you plan on selling in the near future. Before you start ripping out cabinets and knocking down walls, consider your target buyer as well as …
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The Beginners Guide to Real Estate Investing

If you’re just starting out in the world of real estate, you’ll discover that there is plenty to learn. Unlike investing in stock, real estate has financial and legal implications to consider. However, as you begin to make smart decisions about the real estate you invest in, you’ll become more …
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E-Auctions: How This Can Benefit Property Buyers

When most people think of a real estate auction, they envision distressed properties being sold  by banks and other financial institutions to recover lost money. The perception of real estate auctions has been largely negative, especially when considering the involvement of the banks and the types of properties up for …
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The 5 Best Cities for Flipping Houses

Flipping houses can be successful in many towns and cities, but some are better than others. Before you get your hands dirty, take the time to learn about real estate, construction and how much your initial investment should be. Also familiarize yourself with housing prices in your area and what …
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Top 3 Reasons for Choosing Hard Money Loans

Every real estate investor should keep hard money loans in mind. Speed and flexibility are two of the biggest perks, but there are many other reasons why these loans are beneficial. Though it’s true that the interest rates for hard money loans are higher, these sources have allowed the real …
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The Most Challenging Rooms to Renovate

The most challenging rooms to renovate are also the ones that sell a home. Can you guess what these two rooms are? The kitchen and master bathroom. Kitchens and Bathrooms Sell Homes Home buyers judge the kitchen and master bath most closely for a couple of reasons. First, these are …
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Role of Local Market Conditions on Property Prices

Several factors affect property prices, specifically, the economy, interest rates, mortgage availability and supply and demand. Since each location is unique, it’s difficult to generalize how properties are selling on a national level. That’s why your local market conditions are your greatest predictors of how quickly your home will sell …
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How to Know if You Selected a Profitable Property to Flip

Not all properties are profitable to flip. In some cases, you won’t know the true profit until you go through the process of fixing up the property and selling it. However, there are things to look for when determining how profitable a property might be. If you’re ready to start …
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5 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Hard Money Loans

A hard money loan is a short-term loan that is secured by property rather than creditworthiness. In this case, the property is real estate. These loans are typically funded by private investors rather than banks or credit unions and need to be paid back within 12 months. These short-term loans …
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4 Remodeling Mistakes That Can Cost You Big Time

Remodeling a home can provide owners and real estate investors with the chance to significantly improve the market value of a property. The sustained interest in home improvement and renovation projects indicates that home upgrades remain a popular concern for countless households as well as investors interested in flipping a …
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What is LTV When Taking a Loan?

According to an article published in the Nerd Wallet, the average US household with debt carries $15,675 in credit card debt and $132,158 in total debt. This projects a picture of finance that often goes unnoticed. If you look specifically at student loans, Americans owed about $1.3 trillion in student …
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Fix & Flip Real Estate is on the Rise Again

Before the housing crisis in America, there were a large number of investors, and even part-time investors, profiting from the lucrative real estate market. One of the primary strategies used by investors was the fix and flip strategy where they would buy undervalued properties, fix them up, and sell them …
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